Facebook Posts

Working with a copywriter, we had to figure out creative ways to keep Facebook fans engaged for three of P&G’s largest laundry brands. This meant I had to come up with creative ways of creating graphics for each post, and usually without any money.

Gain: Apple Mango Tango
Using photos of the product, brand Icons and a stock photo of crate of apples, I was able to create an orchard of Gain Apples and Mangos that were ready to be picked and ‘Liked’.

ERA Detergent: Two-Week Vacation
Armed with just my iPhone, I shot a couple side profile photos of ERA’s Detergent bottle. Opened it up in Photoshop and stuffed it with clothes and gave it a luggage handle.

Bounce: Fresh-Orantions Snowflake
Bounce fans love the holidays and they love different ways to use Bounce. So we came up with fresh-orations. That way Bounce was able to share a creative decoration during the Holiday season and fans got great smelling decorations in 7 easy steps.

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